BeinGreen offers a comprehensive range of adhesives that are designed to provide strong and reliable bonding solutions for various industries and applications. These adhesives are formulated using advanced technologies and high-quality ingredients to meet the diverse needs of customers.

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Paper Adhesives

Types of Paper Adhesives-
  1. Adhesive for paper bag
  2. Adhesive for book binding
  3. Adhesive for side pasting

Pressure Sentitive Adhesive (PSA)

BeinGreen offers a variety of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) designed for a range of applications. PSAs are adhesive materials that can form a bond when light pressure is applied to them, making them a popular choice for various industries. Types of PSAs-
  1. Adhesive for Stickers and labels
  2. Adhesive for Paper Tapes
  3. Adhesives for Foam Tapes
  4. Adhesives for BOPP Tape

Textile/Fabric Adhesive

BeinGreen offers a range of fabric adhesives that are specifically formulated for bonding fabrics together. These fabric adhesives provide a convenient alternative to sewing and can be used for various fabric bonding applications.

Water Activated Paper Tape Coating

BeinGreen offers a specialized water-activated paper tape coating chemical designed to enhance the functionality and performance of water-activated paper tapes. Water-activated paper tape, also known as gummed paper tape or Kraft paper tape, is a popular choice for packaging applications due to its excellent adhesive properties and eco-friendly nature.

Wood Adhesive

Types of Wood Adhesive-
  1. SH Wood adhesive
  2. Marine Wood Adhesive
  3. D3 Wood Adhesive