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OxyBar 258

Properties :- Oxygen Barrier

Pressure Sentitive Adhesive (PSA)

BeinGreen offers a variety of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) designed for a range of applications. PSAs are adhesive materials that can form a bond when light pressure is applied to them, making them a popular choice for various industries. Types of PSAs-
  1. Adhesive for Stickers and labels
  2. Adhesive for Paper Tapes
  3. Adhesives for Foam Tapes
  4. Adhesives for BOPP Tape

SkidProof 121

Properties :- Anti-Skid/ Anti-Slip Coating

Thermal Paper Coating Chemical

BeinGreen's thermal paper coating chemical is a state-of-the-art solution that enables the paper to change its color when came in contact with heat.

Viroshield 633

Properties :- Anti-Microbial Coating

Water Activated Paper Tape Coating

BeinGreen offers a specialized water-activated paper tape coating chemical designed to enhance the functionality and performance of water-activated paper tapes. Water-activated paper tape, also known as gummed paper tape or Kraft paper tape, is a popular choice for packaging applications due to its excellent adhesive properties and eco-friendly nature.

Water Base Inks

Properties :- Waterbase Printing Inks

Water Repellent Paper Coating

Types and Applications- 1. HydraShield 101 (Non-Heat Sealable) HydraShield 101 is used for paper plates, corrugation boxes, wrapping paper, and anywhere where heat sealing is not needed or has to be avoided. 2. HydraShield 102 (Heat Sealable) HydraShield 102 used for paper pouch, boxes, cups and other applications where heat sealing is necessary.