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Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Properties :- Anti-Microbial Agent

NaturaX 233

Properties :- Wax Coating

NoScrach 888

Properties :- Anti-scratch Coating

Oil and Grease Resistant Coating Chemical

Types and Applications- A. EcoBar 222 (OGR with Heat Seal)- EcoBar 222 is mostly been used for paper cups, heatseal food pouches, box etc B. EcoBar 223 (OGR without Heat Seal)- EcoBar 223 is wide choice for food wraping, base sheets and similar applications.

OxyBar 258

Properties :- Oxygen Barrier

Paper Adhesives

Types of Paper Adhesives-
  1. Adhesive for paper bag
  2. Adhesive for book binding
  3. Adhesive for side pasting

Pigment Paste

BeinGreen offers a range of pigment pastes that are designed to provide vibrant and consistent coloration for various applications. Pigment pastes are concentrated color formulations that can be easily mixed into different systems, such as paints, coatings, inks, or plastics, to achieve the desired color intensity. Types of Pigment Paste-
  1. Pigment Paste for Inks
  2. Pigment Paste for Paints
  3. Pigment Paste for Textile Colour

Pressure Sentitive Adhesive (PSA)

BeinGreen offers a variety of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) designed for a range of applications. PSAs are adhesive materials that can form a bond when light pressure is applied to them, making them a popular choice for various industries. Types of PSAs-
  1. Adhesive for Stickers and labels
  2. Adhesive for Paper Tapes
  3. Adhesives for Foam Tapes
  4. Adhesives for BOPP Tape

SkidProof 121

Properties :- Anti-Skid/ Anti-Slip Coating

Textile/Fabric Adhesive

BeinGreen offers a range of fabric adhesives that are specifically formulated for bonding fabrics together. These fabric adhesives provide a convenient alternative to sewing and can be used for various fabric bonding applications.

Thermal Paper Coating Chemical

BeinGreen's thermal paper coating chemical is a state-of-the-art solution that enables the paper to change its color when came in contact with heat.